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Announcement about distribution of SOTd3 - SUZUVERSE

Announcement about distribution of SOTd3

68 CIRCULAR ROAD #02-01, SINGAPORE (049422)
Jack Tran as Chief Executive Office


Dear customer,

We are delighted to inform you that the SOTd3 was distributed on July 03, 2023.

These are the detailed of our distributions:

  • The total SOTd and SOT aggregate supply amount is 100,000,000 tokens
  • The total SOTd1 amount was 9,869,710 SOTd1 and the total amount SOT1 was 3,868,667 SOT1
  • The total SOTd2 amount distributed was 3,972,220 SOTd2 and the total amount SOT2 was 915,705.26 SOT2
  • The total SOTd3 amount distributed this time is 5,237,018.49 SOTd3.
  • The remaining distribution supply is 76,136,679 tokens.

For more information on the SOT and SOTd function, please help check our Whitepaper here.

Also, you can check our 1st proposal which we announced previously: 1st Proposal in Suzuverse DAO.

To check your SOTd3 amount, please visit our article here for instruction: How to check the distribution status of SOTd 

The SOT3, which will be distributed for the amount equivalent to commissions and payments to collaborators, will be distributed soon, so please be patient for its distribution.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Suzuverse community. We look forward to continuing to provide you with exciting new opportunities and developments.


For inquiries, please contact
SUZUVERSE Customer Support Department