[SUZUVERSE Affiliates] Register as SUZUVERSE Affiliate with Invitation Code

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On June 29, alongside with the launch of SUZUWALK version 1.1.12, we're introducing an update to the registration process, which allows users to have an option to fill in the invitation code provided by other SUZUVERSE affiliates while registering.

By entering the invitation code in the designated box during registration on SUZUVERSE Marketplace, you can establish a direct link between your profile and your referring affiliates. While filling in this information is optional, we strongly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to ensure a seamless connection within the system.

To learn more about this new adjustment, please refer to our detailed FAQ guide available here: How to register with an invitation code? 

Stay tuned for the upcoming release and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your network and maximize your SUZUVERSE Affiliate benefits!


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